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Crawl Space Repair Photo Album: FP Builders CleanSpace in Tahoe City

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This Crawlspace repair in Tahoe City was a 2 crew job. Our Cleanspace crew went in first and started off by removing and disposing of all the old insulation in the crawl space.

Then, they completely encapsulated the crawlspace using 1/2" drain mat, terrablock , and 20 mil CleanSpace vinyl liner, sealing all penetrations in the crawl space. 

They also installed a  Sani-Dry Dehumidfier to control moisture in crawlspace.  Sani-dry is equiped with a humidistat and only runs when necessary but will maintain humidity at a safe level.

After that, Our Foam Crew went in to install 1.5 inches of urethane foam sprayed onto the rim-joist to seal and insulate the rim-joist, floor sheathing, and foundation wall connection. This process completely closed all existing foundation vents permanently.  This also provided energy efficiency benefits exceeding 20% of entire home heating consumption!

Great Job Guys!


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