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Ray Madole

System Design Consultant/Sales

Sean Madole


Warren Kinson

General Manager

Todd Hansen

Michelle Madole

Office Manager

Allen Bullock

Cleanspace Foreman

Colin Graybeal

Jaydin Wolfsteller

Nate Conway

Tom Kinney

PolyLevel Foreman

Wesley Hawkins

Cordell Gilley

Dean Elder

Underpinning Foreman

Nick Nydegger

Bradlee Porter

Chris Carson

Craig Chaffee

Drill Foreman

Erik Wilson

Jonathon Sullivan

Michael Madole

Berto Espinoza

Frank Espinosa

Structural Repair Technician & ACI Shotcrete Nozzleman

Hermenegildo Silva

Jose Bueno Guerrero

Juan Carlos Silva

Juan Gonzalez Ezquivel

Concrete Foreman

Ke'vonne Augustus

Mario Gonzalez

Ricky Espinoza-Enriquez

Sean Pinching

Damone Cuington

Davis Berry

Joe McLaughlin

Patch Crew Lead

Justin MacQuiddy

Ryan Polka

Cary Kesner


Terry McMullen

Shop Supervisor

Service Area
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