Crack Stitching

Crack Stitching for Foundation & Concrete Cracks in Nevada

How to repair foundation cracks?

Blocked Foundation Cracks in Sun Valley

After identifying and addressing the cause of foundation cracks, we can fix and reinforce them with wall stitching.

If foundation problems, such as foundation settlement or heave have caused floor or wall cracks, Madole Construction offers a reliable cracked concrete repair solution. With the strengthening properties of glass, Kevlar, and carbon composites, we repair and reinforce foundation cracks and increase structural integrity. Carbon fiber has been used in everything from the Space Shuttle to the Boeing 777 Dreamliners. These materials have made their way into mainstream construction and are creating numerous benefits including foundation crack repair and much more!

If you want to fix and reinforce problem foundation cracks in your Nevada home, schedule a free foundation repair estimate to learn more! We serve Nevada areas throughout Reno, Sun Valley, Truckee, Sparks, Carson City, and nearby.

Floor & wall crack stitching

With pre-cured carbon fiber stitching to bridge shear forces, we repair foundation cracks in walls and floors. These systems are a fraction of the cost of traditional steel dowels and install with less heavy equipment and disruption to the household. 

We cut stitches into cracked concrete, drop carbon fiber laminates into the cuts and adhere with low-viscosity polyurea. This system is stronger, faster, and more cost-effective than the more traditional embedment of rebar dowels into the concrete.

Crack Stitching is a reliable concrete repair solution to fix foundation cracks running along your walls and floors.

The crack stitching process

Wall Stitching & Foundation Crack Repair in Reno
  1. Examine cracks & mark the area: We identify problem areas in the foundation, cracked walls and floors, and determine the crack stitch locations. Then, we center the 12" long floor and wall stitches across cracks.
  2. Prep the area: Once the stitch locations are determined, we grind the marks at least 4" wide. After, we clean any dust or debris and vacuum the area.
  3. Tape crack edges: We tape off the edges of the prepared area leaving a 4" clear width.
  4. Fill mortar joints & cracks: We fill all mortar joints and cracks within the marked and prepared areas with a mixed paste. 
  5. Saturate walls & floors: After, we use a roller to cover walls and floors in marked areas with epoxy-saturating resin. We repeat this step with a second coat after allowing the epoxy to saturate the resin for 5 minutes and to soak.
  6. Place & saturate the fabric: We place the fabric strap on a plastic sheet and use the roller and resin to saturate one side of the fabric. After, put the wet side of the fabric against the saturated wall or floor while keeping it straight and flat. Then, we use the roller to generously apply a final coat of resin to the fabric.

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