Q&A with Sean Madole

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 by Jessica Embury

Q&A with Sean Madole

               Q. Why did you start this company?

A. I started this company to provide unique services to customers needing their houses fixed. Also, to provide opportunities to our employees to develop themselves and have a good life doing something meaningful.It’s not a boring, day after day mundane thing; it’s a good, fun meaningful job.

               Q. What is your favorite part about running this business?

A. *Michelle Madole/ Office Manager shouts from across the hall: “WORKING WITH HIS WIFE!”

A. The best part about this job is getting up everyday and doing a job that actually matters. It’s important on many levels: from our customers standpoint and our standpoint, its really important that we have a meaningful, valid, essential job. That’s what I like about this business.

               Q. How many customers have you helped?

A. Probably somewhere around 2,000 customers. We help a lot of people that aren’t even our customers too.

               Q. What does Redefine our industry mean to you?

A. Redefine our industry means creating excellent performance and changing the way construction is perceived. We want to make it a better experience for our customers. I think right now, people don’t really have a high expectation and what we want to do it change that and give them a better experience than they ever expected from a contractor.

               Q. What is one word to describe your company?

A. OneTeam

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