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Madole Construction is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Sparks. Learn more about Madole Construction's recent work requests in Sparks and nearby areas!

Learn more about Madole Construction's recent work requests in Sparks, NV
Vicinity of Tagus Court in Sparks
Water in crawl space - need encapsulation vapor barrier
Vicinity of Grasswood Dr. in Sparks
Looking for a driveway facelift, I am familiar with polymer applications to some extent. Call me.
Vicinity of Fairway Ct in Sparks
Clay foundation cracking in drywall.
Vicinity of General Thatcher Dr. in Sparks
Hello, We recently had a water issue in our crawlspace, and had a mitigation company remove insulation, replace vapor barrier etc.That project is complete,dry and ready. We would like a quote and opinion on the best insulation solution for our house, as it needs to be replaced. We have embedded radiant heat floors also, house is 3k sq ft single story.
Vicinity of Bridger Peak Dr. in Sparks
Patio in back of house half of it settled down some and half did not also on my garage the garage floor is higher then the drive way
Vicinity of I Street in Sparks
Looking for vapor barrier installation company
Vicinity of Media Court in Sparks
Currently I am just loooking for a estimate cost to convert a vented crawl space with basically no insulation to a unvented conditioned area. Area is about 2000 sqft good crawl space height. All I currently need is an expected cost range. Please email me back.
Vicinity of Valliant Dr. in Sparks
Standing water and dampness in crawl space of my home. Need to be repaired.
Vicinity of Setting Sun Ct in Sparks
Cracks in several rooms are somewhat aligned. Concern about foundation.
Vicinity of Kendal Ct. in Sparks
Need new vapor barrier in crawl space.
Vicinity of Palo Alto Circle in Sparks
My garage cement pads are uneven. Now my new garage door doesn't sit level. Need to either sand the cement down or lift the pad up to make level again!
Vicinity of Locomotive Way in Sparks
I have water in my crawl space every time it rains or snows. The previous owner installed sump pumps, but one is manual and one of the other two is not activating on its own as the switch gets stuck. I'd like to find a more permanant and reliable solution.
Vicinity of Del Sol St in Sparks
Lot so rain this year, water in crawl space under house, would like to look at getting this back into shape
Vicinity of Campo Rico Court in Sparks
Inspection report said we need vapor barrier
Vicinity of Bridgetown Loop in Sparks
Small sinkhole on side of house. Uneven floors.
Vicinity of in Sparks
We would like to get a free estimate on repairing a beam in the house We are Real Estate Agents and have this property in escrow
Vicinity of Gault Way in Sparks
I recently had a home inspection done on a property I am about to purchase and had some concerns about some crumbling on the foundation of my house. I would like a foundation inspection, and repair of any issues.
Vicinity of Byrd Drive in Sparks
Post and Pier settling in crawlspace. Drywall cracks above doorways, and some difficulty closing doors.
Vicinity of Cintoia Dr in Sparks
With all of this rain, I have had a lot of water in my crawl space. Today, I got down there and found the problem I believe. There are multiple small cracks in the foundation and water is coming through them. I would like to have an estimation on repair.
Vicinity of Sawgrass Lane in Sparks
Crawl space has water in various spots and the plastic is ripped in many places which created standing water. We were able to take out some of the plastic so the water would soak into the ground. Looking for a permanent and energy saving solution.
Vicinity of Betsy Street in Sparks
Neighbor's pipe broke. Water under my house dried up. Worried about mold.
Vicinity of Quivera Lane in Sparks
I want to have a barn installed. I need the foundation to be leveled and a partial concrete slab poured. Building will be 36x31x12
Vicinity of Red Baron in Sparks
Tree in front yard has lifted parts of the driveway concrete. A tripping hazard.
Vicinity of Cloud Peak Dr in Sparks
3 car Garage and driveway Poly leveling.
Vicinity of Pyramid Peak Circle in Sparks
Corner of my cement patio has sunk and some of my driveway also.may also look at re-surfacing back patio
Vicinity of Stanford Way in Sparks
I have an area in my backyard that I believe is concrete. The area estimated is 10'x15'. I need to have this surface repaired since it has two large cracks and re-leveled. I need to know the cost. Thank you.
Vicinity of SPARTAN CT in Sparks
Inspection report noted that house id no longer level.
Vicinity of Tina Court in Sparks
Vicinity of Cinnamon DR in Sparks
Water in crawl space during irrigation season.
Vicinity of Probasco in Sparks
We have cracks above some of the doors plus the floor isn't level.
Vicinity of Country Creek Rd. in Sparks
The slab in the garage has a ¼" to ½" crack the length of the garage. The excessive settling is visible on the exterior walls.
Vicinity of Sheena Ct in Sparks
Back deck dropped.
Vicinity of Cosenza Dr in Sparks
Several concrete slabs have become unlevel because of tree roots growing beneath them
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