Learn more about Madole Construction's recent work requests in Carson City, NV
Coloma Dr in Carson City
Would like to have our crawl space evaluated. With the series of storms we are having issues with standing water.
Spooner Drive in Carson City
My Crawlspace fills with water when it rains heavily and the installed sump pump doesn't appear to get it all out. I had the vapor barrier replaced recently but it is still very wet.
Windtree Circle in Carson City
Looked into crawl space since last flood and there is about 3" of water under crawl space. Need an estimate of cost to remove, how big of a problem it is, etc.
Fair Way in Carson City
Due to the rain, we have noticed water coming through our foundation and/or seeping up from the ground and creating pooling of water under the vapor barrier in our crawl space. What do we do?
ST GEORGE WAY in Carson City
We have water under under the house. It seems to be a continual problem and I'm not sure what is letting the water in.
Lotus Corcle in Carson City
Hello, I have a 20 foot high cinder block retaining wall that is deteriorating in spots. I am wondering what is involved with repair. Thank You
Sharrow Way in Carson City
Sinking in corner of garage. Encapsulation of crawl space.
Calaveras Dr in Carson City
Had foundation work done Sept.2007. Brick house. Noticed crack outside in brick, and the Cable guy while crawling under house told me he thought the support brace or whatever it is called,seemed to be "loose". Not sure what is going on. No inside wall cracks.Two inside door will not shut tight. ??? Thanks....Prior work done by Eagle Lift.
Mary St in Carson City
No concerns just want vapor barrier
Empire Ranch RD in Carson City
We have a patio that has sunk along the foundation causing draining toward the house.
S Fall St in Carson City
We just bought this house and was told by the inspectors that the foundation is need of repair...
Gentry Ln in Carson City
Interested in adding vapor barrier and insulation to my crawl space, insulating my garage, and possibly adding insulation to my attic.
in Carson City
Rear patio has settled in two different areas. One against the house foundation @ 3 or 4 inches,and about 12feet long.